Next up is my first Furious Fiction entry for March 2018: Walpiri.

This is my first entry into the competition. I’m not sure I quite captured what I was after, but I only had 500 words and three days, so maybe I was shooting too high. I’ve simplified since.

The elements for this month:

  • The first word had to be MUSIC.
  • The story had to feature singing at some point.
  • The story had to include an invitation in some way.



For the past little while I’ve been entering a flash fiction writing competition run by the Australian Writers Centre.

At 5pm on the first Friday of each month, the AWC reveals three elements that must be included in a story with a maximum of 500 words. You’ve got until midnight on Sunday – just over two days – to write a masterpiece.

It’s called Furious Fiction. The winner gets 500 bucks. A few stories get honourable mentions. And it’s open to writers across the world.

I’m yet to reach the winners’ podium, but I’ve been talking about how much I’m enjoying the competition and a few people have asked to see what I’ve written. These are those stories.

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