The judges are close to making their decision.

In a few days, I will find out where I finished in the 2022 NYC Midnight Short Story Challenge.

Over the course of three rounds and six months, the international field of entrants has been culled from over 6000 to just 45.

At 1.59pm on 4 August (Australia time) the winner will be announced.

I could be that winner.

While we wait, I thought I would share my stories from the first three rounds. Let me take you back to January.

The one right up my alley

First round, January 2022.

7 days, 2,500 words. The criteria for my pod:

  • Action/adventure
  • A double cross
  • A rope walker

Here is what I wrote in response: The White Tower.

The one my wife liked

Second round, April 2022.

3 days, 2,000 words. The criteria for my pod:

  • Romantic comedy
  • Hide-and-seek
  • A groundskeeper

For this one I went with: Deep Square Leg.

The risky one

Third round, May 2022.

2 days, 1,500. The criteria for my pod:

  • Comedy
  • An investigation
  • A meathead

I took a punt and went with a risky concept I was really excited about: Parliamentary Inquiry into the Labelling of Plant-based Meat and Animal Products – Official Transcript.


And that’s it! I submitted my fourth and final round entry in June.

I won’t post that one until after the results are out, but in the meantime these were the criteria:

  • Genre: my choice
  • A pyramid scheme
  • A gatecrasher.

Cross your fingers for me…

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