The winners of the 2017 NYC Midnight Short Story Challenge have just been announced, and I am pleased to announce I am one of them!

Sort of.

My final story landed me an ‘honourable mention’, sufficient for a handful of minor prizes, but just outside the cash. I’m totally excited about the outcome and proud of what I’ve achieved across the three rounds, but I’ll always wonder—could I have gone further?

The assignment for the final round was to write a story with an undertaker and a sunrise. Each participant had only 24 hours to pen a masterpiece of 1,500 words.

My story, Readying the Dead, is here.

Let me know what you think!

For quick reference, here are the stories for the first two rounds:

No Escape (Round One – one week, 2500 words, must be Suspense and contain a caretaker and a missed flight)

Crossing the Thin Blue Line (Round Two – three days, 2000 words, must be Comedy and contain a rookie police officer and a running race)

Thanks for following me along the journey. On to the next big adventure!

3 thoughts on “Readying the Dead”

  1. Congrats, I really enjoyed your first story ‘No Escape’. Please make it into a novel.

    1. Thanks so much! People seem to have enjoyed it… maybe there will be something along those lines in the future?

  2. Surprised you didnt ask your ageing mother – a funeral celebrant of note! – for thoughts.


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