For the first time in a long time, I entered the Australian Writers Centre’s Furious Fiction competition. I’ve had some luck before, and am proud to say I was long-listed for the major prize once again in October 2021.

You can read my story, The ‘Burbs Are My Ghetto, by clicking on the link you just read over.

Remember the rules? Entrants have 55 hours to write a 500 word short story which, in October 2021, had to meet the following parameters:

  1. Your story’s setting: a COURT of some kind.
  2. Your story must include a character who measures something.
  3. Your story must include the words BALLOON, ROCK, UMBRELLA.

Entries are open to anyone in the world, and I hear they get thousands of entries.

Want to give it a go yourself? The next round starts on 5 November…

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