About the Author

It’s July 2022 and this bio needs a bit of an update. Take those photos, for example – when did I ever look that young?

But before I ask my wife to take some new awkwardly close shots of me attempting to look like an intellectual in a scarf and woollen jumper with moth holes in the armpits, here is a bit about me.

I’ve been writing novels for over a decade, and screenplays for the past three years. I specialise in crime with a healthy vein of humour, but I also dabble in other genres. To date I have written four completed manuscripts and am deep into my second screenplay. You can check out the first chapter of some of my manuscripts right here on this website.

I also have a fair few short stories under my belt, some of which have met success in writing competitions. If you browse my News and Blog section you can read some of those for yourself, but for you casual visitors who are only here for a quick sticky beak before returning to Facebook to decide whether you are actually going to buy those cool-looking pants the weird Chinese website is selling, my latest achievement is as a finalist in the annual 2022 NYC Midnight Short Story Challenge. I just submitted my story in the fourth and final round, and now it’s up to the judges to decide which of the remaining 45 writers (from an initial international pool of over 6000) takes home the grand prize. We should hear in early August…

Outside of writing, I am a professional public servant with fifteen years of experience in the spooky areas of government I’m not meant to talk about. I’m also a keen martial artist and runner swimmer and cyclist (damn knees), and love to play competitive board and video games with my three kids Walter, Morris and Gwen.

When it comes to the end of the day and I have time to myself to read, I spread my love across a range of genres (but always find myself coming back to a good crime novel). Right now my bedside table features Kill Your Brother by Jack Heath, The Priory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon, and Downton Abbey: The Scripts.