Nothing but the Dead and Dying

Nothing but the Dead and Dying is a darkly humorous post-apocalyptic action-adventure that is yet to find a publisher.



Eamon Naylor awakes one morning to find his home town overrun with grotesques; ferocious, ravenous, mouldering beasts in human form. But what are they, and where have they come from?


Eamon doesn’t care. He slays them all just the same. He’s an equal opportunity grotesque dismemberer.


From his small, barricaded house in the suburbs, Eamon keeps fit, grows vegetables, loots, and takes great pleasure in tangling with the odd grote, as he affectionately calls them. Then there is Eamon’s housemate, Bruce, a giant of a grotesque Eamon has trapped in a spare room. Eamon feeds Bruce, chats to the monster and watches as his guest slowly changes from an enraged beast to a subdued captive.


All in all it is a good life. The post-apocalyptic world suits Eamon.


But when Eamon crosses paths with a dwindling group of survivors and his grotesque housemate breaks free, it becomes clear his life of militant bliss just can’t last.


Preview Chapters 1-4 [PDF]


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