Since the beginning of the year, by popular demand*, I have been blogging about my entries into the Australian Writers Centre’s Furious Fiction competition.

In May’s Furious Fiction, I finally cracked the winners’ circle.

No, I didn’t win the five hundred dollars. But my entry, CARDIAC ARREST, was long-listed for the big bucks.

(For my newer readers, the competition is straightforward. On the first Friday of each month, the Australian Writers Centre posts several writing prompts, all of which must be included in a story of up to five-hundred words. You have until Sunday at midnight to submit your story—55 hours—and anyone in the world can enter.)

If you are wondering what the parameters for May were, here they are. And that’s where you’ll find my “glorious victory” forever etched on the internet, too!

On to June!


* Hi mum.

3 thoughts on “Success! – Furious Fiction May 2019”

  1. In November 2020,last month, I wrote a story about a young girl catching fireflies. The winning story was also about a girl catching fireflies. When I queried why that story won and why mine didn’t, or why I wasn’t shortlisted I was told the judges have a criteria they use to judge the stories. I was told if I had any chance of winning or being shortlisted I would need to follow it and was given the link to the criteria. I told the woman that following their rules means that I am being censored and that my storytelling was dependent upon my criteria not theirs. She never got back to me.

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