A little bit has been happening over the last couple of months.

First up, I’ve just submitted my entry into round 1 of the NYC Midnight Short Story Challenge.

You may recall I’ve had success in this competition in the past.

This year I was tasked with writing a ghost story featuring an exchange student and some home renovations. I am very happy with my concept and parts of the execution, but time constraints meant it ended up feeling like a second draft to me. Such are the boundaries of these competitions, I guess.

We shall have to wait until April to see if I progress to the next round, but it feels great to get back out there again after a long time away from these comps. Give it a go yourself if you haven’t ever tried it. I’ll post my short story as soon as I get a chance.

More importantly, I’ve finally also started shopping around my latest novel, Baba Yaga. If you’ve come here as an agent or publisher to suss me out, I say hello! I’m glad I’ve generated enough interest in my work for you to come visit. And since you have, why not give me a call?

I hope to hear from you soon. 🙂

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